What is Beer

Beer is an agricultural beverage with alcoholic content ranging from 5 to 8% (wine has alcohol content of 12% and hard liquor is 40% plus). Beer is fermented product of barley malt and other cereals and follows a complex brewing process that is unique and involves high degree of sophistication and hygiene standards similar to the dairy industry.


Beer is as old as civilization itself. Beer is one of the oldest beverages humans have produced, dating back to at least the 5th millennium BC (prior even to writing), and recorded in the written history of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.(source… Wikipedia)
Beer was not unknown in India before the arrival of Europeans. European-style beer was introduced in India by the British. By 1716, pale ale and Burton ale were being imported to India from England. Among the first brewers known to export beer to India was the Bow Brewery, on the Middlesex-Essex border. Bow Brewery beers became popular among East India Company traders in the late 18th century because of the brewery’s location and Hodgson’s liberal credit line of 18 months. Ships transported Hodgson’s beers to India, among them his October Beer, which benefited exceptionally from conditions of the voyage and was apparently highly regarded among its consumers in India.In 1830, Edward Dyer travelled to India and set up India’s first brewery in Kasauli. It produced the Beer brand Lion, which is still available.(source… Wikipedia)

In 1835, the Kasauli brewery was shifted to Solan near Shimla. In 1885, it was incorporated as Dyer Breweries. Later, more brewries were built across India, Burma and Sri Lanka, and added to it. Later, H. G. Meakin bought the Solan brewery and added some more. It came to be known as Dyer-Meakin & Company. By the year 1882, there were 12 breweries in India in all, including one in Rangoon.
In 1937, Burma was separated from India and the company lost its Burmese assets. The company was restructured and renamed as Dyer Meakin Breweries. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange. In 1949, N. N Mohan acquired all the assets of Dyer Meakin Breweries and added a few more units. In 1967, the company was renamed to Mohan Meakin Breweries.
Today no brewer in India makes India Pale Ale. All Indian Beers are either lagers (5 % alcohol — 8 % alcohol).