Industry is still positive with tax rationalization and upward swing in the economy. It will once again grow.

  • The industry has changed to¬†20% lager (5% abv) to 80% strong lager (8% abv). The lager sells in on- Premises of Clubs & bars and Strong sells through off premises mainly and in rustic Bars & Restaurants. The reason for preference of strong beer is the cost benefit of Intoxication.
  • UBL dominates the beer market (50%) followed by SAB Miller (25%), Carlsberg (10% State entrant) and AB Inbev (2%). There are local brewers with local brands in pockets.
  • Imported beers sell in five Star hotels, fine dining outlets, pubs, discotheques, resto bars and in High Income group houses
  • Beer like all spirituous beverages is a state subject and governed by the state governments. Thus there are as many Tax/Duty slabs as the number of states. They also have interstate levies on stock movements. Thus all national players like UBL, Carlsberg, AB Inbev, SAB Miller have multi units located close to the markets.
  • South India is the dominant market